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ecli: run ebpf programs as json or wasm


sudo ecli <COMMAND>


Run the ebpf program as wasm or json.

# run with wasm bpf modules
sudo ecli run runqlat.wasm
# run with json bpf object only
sudo ecli run package.json

Or run the ebpf program as a tar file contains minimal BTF info and bpf object.

sudo ecli run client.tar

The ecc packaged tar contains custom btf files and package.json, which can be run on older kernels.

For details, see ecc-btfgen


  • run - Run the ebpf program as tar or json.
  • push - Push a container to an OCI registry.
  • pull - Pull a container from an OCI registry.
  • login - Login to an OCI registry. ecli will check gh cache and GITHUB_TOKEN env when you login to, either one can be logged into ghcr without entering a token.
  • logout - Logout from an OCI registry. ecli logout xxx will remove identity certificates stored under ~/.eunomia.