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Project Architecture

we have a loader library, a compile toolchain, and some additional tools like cli and a custom metrics exporter.


An bpf-loader-rs library

A wrapper of main functions of libbpf-rs, provide the ability to dynamically load eBPF code to the kernel and run it with a simple JSON and a few API.

see bpf-loader-rs for details.

A simple cli interface is provided for bpf-loader library, which you can use it to start any eBPF program from a url in a command. You can download it from release.

see examples for more examples.

A library to load and operate eBPF program from a WASM module

Use the eunomia-bpf library to load eBPF program from a WASM module, you can write a WASM module to operate the eBPF program or process the data in user space WASM runtime. The idea is simple:

  1. compile the kernel eBPF code skeleton to the JSON format with eunomia-cc toolchain
  2. embed the JSON data in the WASM module, and provide some API for operating the eBPF program skeleton
  3. load the JSON data from the WASM module and run the eBPF program skeleton with eunomia-bpf library

You can have multiple eBPF program in a single WASM module.

See wasm-runtime for details. In fact, wasm-bpf library only exports a few functions from bpf-loader library to the VM, so you can replace the WASM runtime with your own easily.

For example, you can run an eBPF program with a WASM module for an URL:

sudo ./ecli run

You can also generate a WASM program template for eBPF or build WASM module with compiler container:

# for x86_64 and aarch64
docker run -it -v `pwd`/:/src/`uname -m`:latest gen-wasm-skel # generate WASM app template for eBPF
docker run -it -v `pwd`/:/src/`uname -m`:latest build-wasm    # Build WASM module

see sigsnoop example for more detail.

A compile toolchain to help you generate pre compiled eBPF data

The toolchain can be used as a docker to generate pre-compiled eBPF data in one command:

see the compile toolchains compiler for details.

you can also simply use the ebpm-template repo as a template in github, just push to it and github action can help you compile CO-RE ebpf code!