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ecc usage



Compiles and generates a bpf object from the provided SOURCE_PATH path for the specified eBPF program.


package.json only

ecc foo.bpf.c

Source file and a header file

ecc foo.bpf.c bar.h

Generate custom btfhub-archive and package into tar

ecc -b client.bpf.c event.h

This command will compile client.bpf.c and event.h into client.bpf.o, and package them as json, export a tar containing a custom btf file.

output in OUTPUT_PATH:

client.tar #include custom btf files

btfhub Support

BTF is the things that make eBPF portable.

btfhub provide BTF information for Linux distributions released kernels that don't have embedded BTF information.

By using btfhub to package ebpf programs as tar file, ecc makes it possible to run ebpf programs on older kernels that do not have btf support.

A list of existing distributions and their current status on eBPF and BTF support.

Arguments and options


  • SOURCE_PATH: path of the bpf.c file to compile

  • EXPORT_EVENT_HEADER: path of the bpf.h header for defining event struct


  • -o, --output-path OUTPUT_PATH: path of output bpf object
  • -w, --workspace-path WORKSPACE_PATH: specify custom workspace path
  • -a, --additional-cflags ADDITIONAL_CFLAGS: additional cflags for clang
  • example -a="-fstack-protector", this avoids runtime errors on some distributions that have clang stack protection enabled by default.
  • -c, --clang-bin CLANG_BIN: path of clang binary (default: clang)
  • -l, --llvm-strip-bin LLVM_STRIP_BIN: path of llvm-strip binary (default: llvm-strip)
  • -s, --subskeleton: do not pack bpf object in config file
  • -v, --verbose: print the command execution
  • -y, --yaml: output config skel file in yaml
  • --header-only: generate a bpf object for struct definition in header file only
  • --wasm-header: generate wasm include header
  • -b, --btfgen: fetch custom btfhub archive file and package into tar
  • If BTFHUB_ARCHIVE does not exist, it will clone btfhub to BTFHUB_ARCHIVE.
  • This option will take a lot of time, if you don't want to package or generate all custom btf files, you can keep only the required btf files in BTFHUB_ARCHIVE.
  • Don't worry, even the tar containing all the btfhub archives is only 5-10MB in size.
  • --btfhub-archive BTFHUB_ARCHIVE: directory to save btfhub archive file (default:$HOME/.eunomia/btfhub-archive)
  • -h, --help: prints help documentation.
  • -V, --version: prints version information.