Welcome to eunomia-bpf lab!

Unlock the potential of eBPF with our toolchains and runtimes.

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Open source Projects

Our suite of projects addresses challenges in eBPF development, from runtime performance to ease of use.


A userspace eBPF runtime offering rapid uprobes 10x faster than kernel uprobes, compatible with kernel eBPF and existing toolchains.

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Cooperating with WasmEdge, we build the first user-space library and runtime for eBPF programs based on WebAssembly.

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The first tool to generate eBPF programs and trace the Linux kernel using natural language with high accuracy.

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A tool to simplify building, distributing, and running eBPF programs with JSON and WebAssembly OCI images.

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Learning eBPF

Dive into the world of eBPF with our resources designed to empower your development journey, from novice to expert.

Developer Tutorials

Begin your adventure with eBPF through interactive and step-by-step guides that teach you the fundamentals and advanced concepts.

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Open Source Examples

Explore real-world applications of eBPF with our curated collection of open source examples and community contributions.

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Blogs and Articles

Stay updated with the latest eBPF trends, best practices, and insights from industry leaders and our developer community.

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