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eunomia-cc: compile and package ebpf programs

  • A toolchain to simplify writing eBPF programs:
  • simplify building CO-RE[^1] libbpf eBPF applications: write eBPF kernel code only and automatically exposing your data with perf event or ring buffer from kernel.
  • Automatically sample the data from hash maps and print hists in userspace.
  • Automatically generate and config command line arguments for eBPF programs.
  • You can writing the kernel part in both BCC and libbpf styles.
  • Build eBPF programs with Wasm[^2]: see Wasm-bpf project
  • Runtime, libraries and toolchains to write eBPF with Wasm in C/C++, Rust, Go...covering the use cases from tracing, networking, security.