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performance and benchmark

More performance and benchmark results will be added in the future. If you have any interesting usecases or ideas, feel free contact us!

Table of Contents

Improve performance

There are several configs to improve the performance of bpftime:

  1. Use JIT when running the eBPF program. The JIT will be enabled by default in the future after more tests. See documents/ for more details.
  2. Compile with LTO enabled. See documents/ for more details.
  3. Use LLVM JIT instead of ubpf JIT. See documents/ for more details.
  4. Disable logs. See documents/ for more details.

The benchmark results are based on the above configs.



See for how we run the benchmark.

Probe/Tracepoint Types Kernel (ns) Userspace (ns)
Uprobe 3224.172760 314.569110
Uretprobe 3996.799580 381.270270
Syscall Tracepoint 151.82801 232.57691
Embedding runtime Not avaliable 110.008430

sslsniff: trace SSL/TLS connections and raw traffic data

We used the sslsniff tool to trace and analyze SSL encrypted traffic of Nginx in bpftime's user-space Uprobe and compared it with the kernel Uprobe approach, observing a significant performance improvement:


The benchmark script and results can be found in benchmark/sslsniff.