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Most of the time, bpf-loader work as a library to load eBPF program. It will not affect eBPF program after the program has been loaded and attached.

TODO: add more benchmark results

benchmark for loading with exporter

Take opensnoop from bcc/libbpf-tools as an example. starting with BCC, you will need about 0.8s to start the exporter and attach to the probe. With out implement, you only need about 50-70ms which is significantly faster.

$ ps -aux | grep eunomia
root      171562  0.0  0.0  15176  4576 pts/6    S+   01:08   0:00 sudo ./eunomia-exporter
root      171605  0.1  0.0 350540  7740 pts/6    Sl+  01:08   0:00 ./eunomia-exporter

The memory usage and CPU usage is also low. see eunomia-exporter for more details.